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Recovery Tip

Did you know that your core muscles, which are the deepest layer of your tummy muscles, should work at all times to brace and protect your back? These muscles switch off due to pain and it takes 50,000 repetitions before they work automatically again to protect your back!

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76 Commercial Road (Function Well Gym) Newstead Q 4006

Phone: 0423 687 440

What sets Le Physique Physiotherapy
apart from the rest?

  • We are committed to providing you with unparalleled individualised  Brisbane physiotherapy care through comprehensive assessment; holistic-integrated treatment; specific exercise prescriptions
  • We follow up on your progress until you have reached your goals.
  • We listen to you and address your body as a whole.  Our unique approach to treatment facilitates quicker recovery and prevention of recurrences.
  • We take the time to educate you on your injury and give you simple and effective tips on how to maintain the great results achieved from your physiotherapy sessions.
  • You get only the best in physiotherapy science.  Our treatment is based on the latest scientific research, cumulative knowledge and extensive ‘hands-on’ experience.  Our  Brisbane physiotherapists are committed to continual education and have undertaken many postgraduate courses. You may find that they have a ‘big bag of tricks’ under their sleeves to resolve your problems. 
  • ‘Hands-on’ physiotherapy treatment that incorporates over 20 years of manual therapy experience between the physiotherapists. 
  • You will receive 100% of their attention during your session as we DO NOT double book.  This means we are entirely focussed on you and assisting you to a long lasting and speedy recovery.  It is our intention to get you pain free, feel better, stronger, and more flexible sooner.  Your optimal body and performance success is our success!
  • Child minding service is available on selected mornings for your convenience. You can relax completely and focus on yourself whilst receiving individualised physiotherapy (See FAQ for details)
  • We have friendly and professional staff who are committed to your individual needs and comfort at all times. Please arrive punctually for your consultation as we make a sincere effort to see scheduled appointments on time.