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Recovery Tip

Did you know that your core muscles, which are the deepest layer of your tummy muscles, should work at all times to brace and protect your back? These muscles switch off due to pain and it takes 50,000 repetitions before they work automatically again to protect your back!

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Fast Track to Fitness

(FTF) 4-6 weeks

This programme is perfect for you if you are recovering from an injury and are still experiencing some level of pain, stiffness or discomfort.  FTF offers a combination of 6 hands-on physiotherapy treatment sessions and physiotherapist-supervised exercise sessions.

1-3rd sessions – You will receive hands-on physiotherapy treatment, which is focussed on correcting and eliminating the sources of you pain and discomfort.  Your physiotherapist will focus on balancing out the muscles and biomechanical alignment of your neck, back, pelvis and any areas of concern so as to prepare you for a successful start to exercise rehabilitation.

4th session- This entire session is dedicated to specific physiotherapist-supervised exercises where your physiotherapist focuses on retraining those muscles around your injured area and your core stability.  The exercises will be precise and performed in isolation as well as in a functional context.  You will be shown how to progress these exercises as you get better and stronger.

5th session - Back to the treatment room.  Your physiotherapist will reassess your injury and continue to treat any compensatory or unresolved underlining causes of your pain and stiffness.

6th session – Put your training gear back on.  Your physiotherapist will review your exercises with you to ensure that you are doing them correctly, and as appropriate, progress them to the next level of functional fitness in order for you to achieve your goals.  Your physiotherapist will devise a specific exercise regime with you, one that you can do on your own with confidence and maximum effectiveness. 

Fast track to fitness is a simple and enjoyable, step-by-step programme designed to get you back on track and exercising safely and effectively.