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Recovery Tip

Did you know that your core muscles, which are the deepest layer of your tummy muscles, should work at all times to brace and protect your back? These muscles switch off due to pain and it takes 50,000 repetitions before they work automatically again to protect your back!

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Phone: 0423 687 440

Elite Fitness and Sports Recovery (EFSR)

8-12 weeks

This intensive programme is for the elite athlete, dancer or client with post-surgical reconstruction.

1-8th sessions as per ARR

9-11th sessions – These will be intensive and interactive exercise rehabilitative sessions in the fitness studio with weights, therabands, BOSU and fit ball.  Your physiotherapist will be watching your movements like a hawk and pushing you slightly beyond your limits.  It is all about strength, flexibility and breathing control.  Gait and running analysis will also be addressed.

12th session – Return to the torture chamber (treatment room) for a full biomechanical reassessment and treatment to ensure your body is fit for functional return to sports or work.  At this stage you will feel super confident and mighty proud of yourself!