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Recovery Tip

Did you know that your core muscles, which are the deepest layer of your tummy muscles, should work at all times to brace and protect your back? These muscles switch off due to pain and it takes 50,000 repetitions before they work automatically again to protect your back!

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76 Commercial Road (Function Well Gym) Newstead Q 4006

Phone: 0423 687 440

Consultation Fees

Consultations with our Senior Physiotherapists

Initial consultation $116   ::   45 min appointment

Follow up consultation $95   ::   30 min appointment

Extended initial consultation $147   ::   60 min appointment
(For assessment of 2 areas or assessment of conditions that are chronic and complex in nature)

Extended follow up consultation $116   ::   45 minutes appointment
(For treatment of two areas or complex conditions)

Le Physique Physiotherapy Brisbane is pleased to offer corporate Physiotherapy membership to organisations who wish to provide access to exclusive physiotherapy services for their people.  Conditions apply.  Please contact us for more details.

Physiotherapy Bookings:

For Bookings please call (07) 3852 4673

Cancellation Policy:

Please be advised that out of consideration to our clients and your treating physiotherapist, we require 24 hours notice from you for cancellation or rescheduling appointments.  The full fee will be incurred otherwise.  Thank you.