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Did you know that your core muscles, which are the deepest layer of your tummy muscles, should work at all times to brace and protect your back? These muscles switch off due to pain and it takes 50,000 repetitions before they work automatically again to protect your back!

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Do you have the right pillow?

If we want to take good care of our necks, there is not piece of equipment more important than your pillow. Many of us already know the importance of having a good quality supportive mattress, and yet will grab any old sack of feathers to support our head and neck.

Aside from it’s importance in helping you to feel comfortable while you sleep, your pillow also cradles your neck from 6-10 hours every single day of your life (or 4-5 hours for other parents of young kids out there!) Regardless of how long you sleep, your pillow can have a massive effect on neck pain and discomfort, upper back pain and headaches. It is vitally important that your pillow is the right shape and height and provides enough support to care for the delicate muscles and joints of the neck. 

After extensive personal research (of trying what seemed like a hundred different pillows) Mimi Le has discovered a winner – the Dunlopillo Therapillo. It is a contoured profile pillow made from premium polyurethane foam (memory foam). Because of the contoured shape, this pillow provides support to the natural curvatures of the cervical spine. This is essential to take pressure of our joints and allow our neck and shoulder muscles to relax while we sleep. The memory foam is excellent because it moulds to your natural shape to ensure correct spinal alignment, but does not become deformed or misshapen over time. There is also multiple heights to cater to side-sleeping, back-sleeping and differing body sizes. The pillow is also endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association and made in Australia.

Many of you will have already heard Mimi exclaim excitedly “This pillow has changed my life.” I have also started using the same pillow and immediately noticed a significant improvement. I often used to spend the night changing positions frequently, and then wake in the morning with dull headaches and tight neck muscles. I thought this must have been because of my job as a physiotherapist, leaning over the treatment beds all day. But since changing pillows I have no longer had those problems.

Neck pain often requires additional treatment and there are other factors including posture, alignment, movement patterns and muscle tightness that can cause or contribute to neck pain and injury. However, if you wake in the morning with neck discomfort or headaches or experiencing similar symptoms throughout the day, then it is vital to consider if you are using the right pillow. Even if you are experiencing unrest during sleep, difficulty getting comfortable or changing positions frequently during the night, then a pillow change is and investment well-worth considering. 

We were so impressed with the pillow that we now stock the pillows in our physiotherapy practice. If you are interested in the pillow or just have questions about your current pillow then call us at Le Physique Physiotherapy or talk to us at your next treatment session.