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Recovery Tip

Did you know that your core muscles, which are the deepest layer of your tummy muscles, should work at all times to brace and protect your back? These muscles switch off due to pain and it takes 50,000 repetitions before they work automatically again to protect your back!

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Accelerated Results Rehabilitation

(ARR) over 6-8 weeks

If you are recovering from an intermediate muscle or ligament sprain or suffer from chronic pain in your neck or back, this is the ideal programme for you.  ARR offers a combination of 8 physiotherapy treatments and physiotherapist-supervised exercise sessions aimed at moving you away from pain and stiffness and towards fitness and wellbeing.  

1- 6th sessions – As per FTF program

7th session – ‘Your Choice’ session for either:

  1. Ergonomic and Workplace Assessment:  Please provide us with photos of your work place or home office set up.  Your physiotherapist will demonstrate and discuss with you in detail what would be the best set up for you in terms of your computer, desk, chair height and lots more.  You will be shown simple stretches and exercises to do every 20-30 min and will also be advised of what you should not be doing.  A report will be drafted for your personal reference.
  2. Back to the torture chamber (treatment room) for physiotherapy fine-tuning:  Stretch and release of any muscular tightness and correction of biomechanical mal-alignments.  You will be feeling much stronger and better by this stage and will strangely enjoy the slightly uncomfortable inflictions of your physiotherapist.
  3. Keep your trainers on:  This exercise session is about stepping it up whilst maintaining quality movement and control.  You will feel even more confident with yourself and your body as well as with how to exercise safely and effectively on your own. Once your physiotherapist is satisfied that you have successfully grasped the fundamental concepts of safe exercising, the fun begins as we start to incorporate strength training and cardiovascular exercises into your routine.

8th session – This is your opportunity to review and consolidate your achievements from the previous seven sessions.  If you have chosen to have an Ergonomic and Workplace Assessment done in session 7, then please bring along the after shots of your workplace set up for re-evaluation from your physiotherapist.  This is the last session of your programme so you would want to get the most value from it, be it more hands-on physiotherapy treatment or expert guidance with functional rehabilitation.